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I heard about United Vastu Consultancy from a client of mine who claimed to have benefitted from consulting them. Thereafter I consulted Pravinbhai about my factory. After making all the changes suggested by him, I felt so positive in my office environment. I am so happy now as I have literally felt all the negativity drain out of my life. Along with achieving monetary benefits, I achieved peace of mind and that was very important for me. I will be recommending you to all my relatives and friends. Thank you

Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn – Chicago

Best Consultants for Vastu. We consulted them to do Vastu Analysis for our House and Factory. As soon as he stepped on my property, within 10 minutes he told me about things that would have happened in past due to the way construction was made and it was 100% accurate. From that minute I have always listened to all his advice about what changes to make and I am very very happy about the results I have been getting. If you want 100% results, I would recommend Mr. Patel to everyone.

Silica Ceramica Pvt Ltd – Andhra Pradesh

1 week and as if my magic vastu worked and removed the issue we were facing for 4.5 years. We are blessed and grateful to have a guidance coach like Pravinbhai in our life.

Gurukrupa Crafts

We are highly satisfied with all your inputs about our properties. We would recommend United Vastu Consultants to everyone so they can have mental satisfaction, better health, and overall harmony in their lives.

Minaxi Textiles

Me and my Wife were on the verge of a divorce, my company was on the verge of filing Insolvency and I was on the verge of giving up completely on life. At this stage I had no money or direction and by god’s grace or my past good karma, I got to meet Pravinbhai. He helped me at a time when I thought even I could not help myself. Step by step, day after day, he guided me and helped me. He is the most genuine, smart and good-hearted person. He only accepted money from me when I reached a normal stage in my life. He told me to leave my house and live in this rented house, after that everything started to take a turn and for good. My relations with all members of family improved, my health improved and slowly after implementing all the changes he gave, my finances also started to improve. When I look back at my life, I feel like god sent pravinbhai to my life. I am and will always be ever so grateful to him. Thank you.

Minaxi Textiles

Precise, Proficient and Persuasive – these words describe Pravinbhai and his work. Very knowledgeable and helpful person. Did Vastu for my 4 Industries and gave me highly positive results. Recommended to all.

• Jagdish Farsan - Baroda

We are into the Construction business and there was nothing that I could say which was wrong in my office building and yet something was out of mind and in disguise. United Vastu Constants came and showed me that what I felt was positive and accurate was actually hindering me from earning twice as much. I followed every point they gave me, and within 3 months my sales had shot up. I am thankful to them.

Shilpa Lifestyle – Rajkot

We are all very thankful to pravin ji and his team, who gave me moral support when I was going through upheaval period of time. You uplift my spirt and encouraged to elevate my self-esteem with your true guidance. After changing the placement of machinery and removing the Toilet as suggested by them, all of my problems got resolved. I could not believe such things would play such big part on my finance but very happy that it got resolved.

The Emerald Club

This revolutionary concept of combining Vastu, Astrology and Feng shui has changed my thinking out right and my fame and prosperity has flourished beyond my imagination. I am thankful to Mr. & Mrs. Patel for their guidance and result driven approach.

Arex Industries

Very Prompt and dedicated team. Every query and question was answered with patience. We were unconvinced about Vastu before and united team convinced us by showing us results. We asked lots of questions and tried getting different solutions where it would save us money but at the end, we realized that by doing all necessary changes, we got lot of financial benefit overall. Thanks

Antique Ceramics

I have seen major changes in the way workers are working and clients are approaching after we made Vastu change. Mr. Patel & team spot every small distinction and change them which overall make a huge difference. Led me to major financial gains and fame too.

Rajkot General Store

I have seen major changes in the way workers are working and clients are approaching after we made Vastu change. Mr. Patel & team spot every small distinction and change them which overall make a huge difference. Led me to major financial gains and fame too.

Lords Restaurant

I am visiting them regularly for Astrology and Vastu projects for last 5 years..so impressed with their predictions as they are so accurate. Excellent is only word for them.

Vishakha Polyfeb

Modern and knowledgeable team of Vastu Experts. Talking to them for our Vastu issue was like getting scientific knowledge which practically made a lot of sense. After seeing live results of the changes they made, I must applaud their analysis and observations. Simply indebted to have such guidance in life.

Heritage Khirasara Palace

Initially to buy a home we searched internet, sent floor plans to India, then one of my friend suggested United Vastu Consultancy. I was very impressed going through the site ,lot of information was provided, I contacted them immediately for consultation. Mr. Patel is an expert in giving consultation to USA properties. I feel he is like a family member - very frank, genuine and most of all perfect in the predictions. He said this change will show affect in 2 months and it did. He said to make a tank on left side of house to gain money and really our finances improved a lot after we did that.

Nachana Haveli, Jaisalmer

Pravinbhai is a suave and shrewd consultant for vastu and fengshui. A delight to work with and reasonably priced for the services he provides.

Motto Ceramics

I just consulted United Vastu for my 3rd premise and I am so pleased. Pravinbhai and his son Urvish bring exceptional talent to the table. Their work always exceeds all my financial and personal expectations. I have met many different Jyotish and Vastu people but no one has been able to give me guaranteed results like pravinbhai.

Cemero International

I didn’t believe in Vastu when I asked Pravinbhai for vastu counselling of my industry. I am still flabbergasted seeing the fruitful results of vastu. Really grateful for your time and guidance. Thanks a lot.

Vermora Group

I had the pleasure of receiving direction about Vastu from best of the best. He is spontaneous, candid, pragmatic and cogent when it comes to vastu and astrology. His error-free predictions in astrology are like a time machine – precise and meticulous. It’s because of his insight about Vastu and energy calculation that we have acquired measurable amount of progress in a reasonable frame of time.

Ridhi Pharma, Ankleshwar

The team at United Vastu Consultancy has result-oriented approach. Their expertise and understanding about Vastu as a Science have made me believe in the reality of the subject. Using their guidance and after making all the changes they suggested, we have seen a lot of progress in our Business. Mr. Patel is extremely reliable and well-versed in the world of Vastu Science.

Cadmac Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

I would love to share my experience to appreciate the work of United Vastu Consultancy. I had few issues in my relationships and finances, everything was fine but still there were some hurdles in my life. I was unable to figure out what is wrong and used to be stressed all the time. My friend was also worried about me and she knew that United Vastu consultants can help me and it really did. I did the exact same things what you told me and now everything is perfect. Thank you for the help.

Indian Chemicals

Modern and knowledgeable team of Vastu Experts. Talking to them for our Vastu issue was like getting scientific knowledge which practically made a lot of sense. After seeing live results of the changes they made, I must applaud their analysis and observations. Simply indebted to have such guidance in life.

CIMS Ceramics

As I have come to believe after the results I have got through Vastu, it is a science and it affects us whether we believe it or we don’t. My wife was really into all these things and I always laughed at it until my bad time came and I had no options left with me. Then I decided to listen to her and give it a try, despite of thinking in my head that it would never work. It seemed as though a miracle happened, and our lives turned around from a really negative point to an amazingly positive one. It is science. It is true. It gives results. It changes lives. Thank you Pravinbhai for proving this to me and for coming into our lives at a time we needed most and helping us.

Nexion Ceramics

My deepest regards and appreciation to the United Vastu Consultancy team. Thank you for all the constructive changes which have made us what we are today. Nearly 20 years ago, we started this relationship on the foundation of trust and since then you have always held up to your end of the bargain. For generations to come, we will always thank you and your family as our well-wishers.

Soham Group

I have consulted over 10 different Vastu and Astrology Consultants but there is only 1 whom I believe in now – UNITED. I know that I wanted remedies and was very stern about not wanting to break parts of my house apart but I cannot state in mere words how glad I am that I did it. Eternally grateful for your patience and politeness in making me understand how Vastu science works. I have realized with your help that without this knowledge, I was leading a somewhat blinded life by getting all havans and mantras done. I believe in your knowledge more than any books now. Thank you, Pravin sir, for all your help in the past years and for the years to come.

Doon International School, Amritsar

Great knowledge about Vastu and application of its principles. Thanks a lot…

Arpan International School

I wanna thank the United Vastu team for the help, I can't imagine how someone can tell you truth about your past just by looking at your property. Really in awe of you and really wanna thank you for your service.

Nishkal School of Thoughts, Navrangpura

Applaudable detailed work and results. 100% satisfied with the outcome from the changes we made. Thanks

Avirat Infrastructure

Mr. Urvish and Mrs. Krupa Patel are truly the professional experts in their field. Not only were they phenomenal to work with, but they were patient and diligent at every turn. It’s been 18 months since then and the outcomes we have experienced are beyond what they said and beyond our believes. I am elated with their consultation.

Infinity Infrastructure

I have consulted several vastu experts and spent quite a fortune in expectation of it yielding results. My belief in vastu was questioned by all my relatives and my wife. At that point of time, I heard about Pravinbhai Patel. For the same property which was acquiring losses despite of many other experts trying to help it grow, Pravinbhai was successful in turning this property into giving desired outcome. I heartily recommend Pravinji for Vastu consultation.

Atishay Infrastructure

United Vastu Consultancy has been the catalyst for making our enduring business grow substantially. Their expertise is impeccable, and they are providing service 24 x 7. I whole heartedly recommend them to all who seek a positive future.

Shivalay Builders

Every aspect of working with Pravinji receives high marks from his high level of work ethic, work integrity and knowledge to his result yielding approach. I would highly recommend and endorse him as a knowledgeable vastu science consultant

Scion International Fragrances, Dubai

I tried many consultants, but I found myself hopeless, it was like my life is full of stress and negativity but when my sister came to see me, she told me about United vastu consultancy and then I tried their service. Seriously I feel like all my all stress and negativity has gone. I'm living my life now happily and all credit goes to united vastu and their consultants. Great job, thank you team united vastu.

Neeraj Choudhary

I tried your Vaastu service and I really appreciate it a lot. You have done very great things for my house and my office. I was worried about Vaastu dosh in my house and in my office but now I'm not. I am really thankful for that. Now no more vastu dosh, just happiness in both my environments. Thank you, United Vastu Consultancy.

Neeraj Choudhary

It was astonishing to see the positive outcome of vastu in 3 days. I would recommend Pravinji for vastu consultation to anyone and everyone without hesitation.

Neeraj Choudhary

There is no other to say it – Pravinbhai is brilliant. He knows vastu inside out. He has got midas touch. If Vastu is a science, then Pravinbhai is the Scientist.

Neeraj Choudhary

Pravinbhai is experienced, knowledgeable and a highly professional vastu and Feng Shui pundit. If you want to know what vastu is, how vastu works, how vastu benefits the host and how to optimize the avail, I highly recommend Mr. Pravinbhai.

Neeraj Choudhary

I have known Pravinbhai for 20 years now. I still remember the day we first met. Just by looking at the plot, elevation and construction, he told me things that I had experienced previously without me saying a word. That itself says a lot about him and that itself was enough to convince me that he is extremely proficient in his field. Since then, till date we have consented Pravinbhai for all our ventures and aspirations.

Neeraj Choudhary

100% result oriented vastu consultants. They charge for their service. Don’t sell any products like pyramids, stones and mirrors to deceive people. They are genuine and they provide results. Thankful to them for changing our lives.

Neeraj Choudhary

Best Vastu Consultants and Planners. Their understanding of vastu goes beyond financial benefits. Blending vastu, astrology and fengshui gives them an edge and a far-fetched insight. They asked us to stay vigilant during our low periods and that has really benefitted us.

Neeraj Choudhary

United Vastu Consultants are thoroughly equipped with detailed knowledge of the science that goes into Vastu and Feng Shui. Each change advised by them has a perfectly rational explanation.

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