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Pricing For Vastu Visits Consultations

Process For Vastu

1) Proposal

Our process starts with a proposal about the site. Initial phone conversation of details via email about the site to be consulted will help us to understand your requirement and enable us to quote the fees.

2) Detailing

At the second stage we reach a mutual understanding. This entails acceptance and transfer of fees by the client and acceptance of the project by us. We will then require an accurate floor plan with Directions. Along with that, details on all the history of the premises and current surroundings. And finally, what are the goals the client wishes on achieving through this consultation and particular priorities, if any.

3) On Site Evaluation

A mutually agreed Date and Time will be fixed for a visit to the site. This visit would take anywhere between an hour to five hours, depending on the size of the property to be consulted.

4) Results

Within 48 hours after the On Site Evaluation, the client will receive a document. This Document would be prepared to share all the vital information about the necessary changes, remedies and future developments. All questions would be answered and all queries resolved inside this document.

Process For Astrology

1) Proposal

Our process starts with a proposal about the concerned Astrology. Through a phone conversation of via email, details are discussed about how many people

2) Detailing

This stage entails acceptance and transfer of fees by the client and acceptance of the astrology reading by us. Simultaneously, the questions to be asked can be sent by the client to us.

3) Results

Depending upon the calculations required after reading the questions, we will inform the client of the time frame ranging from anywhere between 24 hours to 72 hours. Thereafter, the results will be sent to you.

Pricing For Vastu

The consultation fee varies according to the area. Suggested Remedies and Items will differ according to the required corrections. RESIDENTIAL SITE VISIT (within Virginia) consultation prices are USD 499. FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES it begins at USD 999 and above.

• For other locations in USA, the pricing is USD 999 onwards for Residential site visits and USD 1499 for the Commercial locations.
• Pricing for locations in Canada: Residential – USD 1999 and Commercial site visit is USD 2499
• For Consultations at our office with single property site-plan the pricing is USD 399.
• Over the Phone Consultations: You can have one-on-one telephonic consultation for 30 minutes after paying USD 499.
• For a detailed Email consultation (FOR ONE PROPERTY SITE-PLAN) the charges are USD 499. All questions will be answered within 2 working days.

Pricing for consultation visits to the other locations in USA and other countries is negotiable which will include to and fro air fare from our business location and arrangement of Stay.


Suggestion For On line Consultations

While it is true that we can advise best when we are physically present at an Energy Grid Environment of a place or structure, we also offer consultations on-line. For a detailed On-line Vastu assessment and recommendation, we would ideally require a map including the floor plan and property lines marked clearly with the directions- North, South, East and West using Google Earth or a Compass, clearly indicating location of the furniture placement,doors and windows. The surrounding environment like land slope, water features, roads, trees, and all existing structures on the property and should also be indicated as precisely as possible. History of your building if known also helps. This can be done by sending photographs or map marking.

FOR PERSONALIZED ACCURACY WE PREPARE ‘VASTU-KUNDALI’ hence always mention the date of birth of the Head of Family or the Proprietor or Occupant of the place. You can include photos, questions and concerns you may have. After completing the personalized assessment clear and specific step by step instructions and needed Supplies for your Vastu Rectification will be suggested to you.


Pricing For Astrology

following are the packages for Astrology

VASTU | FENG SHUI PROPERTY         PRICE (Existing Property)         PRICE (New Construction)       
Apartment : 1-2 BHK $500 $500
Apartment : 3+ BHK $750 $750
Townhouse | Condo $800 $1000
Single Family Homes $1000 $2000

VASTU | FENG SHUI COMMERCIAL         PRICE (Existing Property)         PRICE (New Construction)       
Plot N/A $250
Store $1500 - $3000 2x
Plot N/A $250
Restaurant $1500 - $3000 2x
Warehouse $2100 - $5000 2x
Motel $2100 - $10,000 2x
Corporations | Industries $5000 - $25,000 2x
MNC $11,000 - $100,000 2x
Builders N/A $15,000 upwards

ASTROLOGY                PRICE           
Per Question     $50
Per Person     $250
Birth Chart Rectification     $50

*Prices are subjected to change based on Area, Location & Magnitude of the Concerned Property. Travel, Food & Accommodation charges will be Additional. For further inquiries, contact Krupa Patel +1 226 978 9377.

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